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Retired Army Major Tomás Maldonado Pérez, 63, was an energetic supporter of the Sandinista government and its get together, FSLN, for decades till 2007, when he left the political scene and turned towards his evangelical faith. The officers introduced a search warrant and took away hundreds of paperwork from 2016, 2017, and 2018, which the press reported have been loaded onto strange trucks with no license plates that departed guarded by police automobiles. Maradiaga, an outspoken critic with worldwide visibility, had been publicly accused in June by a police commissioner of being implicated in terrorist acts. On May 20, Dilon Zeledón Ramos was released from jail with precautionary measures in the context of talks between the government and the opposition.
His mom advised Human Rights Watch prison authorities by no means allowed him to meet privately with his lawyer and, at the time of writing, he was still not allowed to make cellphone calls. The final time she visited him, on March 18, 2019, he advised her he nonetheless had seizures often. Travel Information During a go to on October four, Zeledón confirmed to his mother that he had had seizures a number of times in prison. Guards continually took footage and videos of them in the course of the household visit.
On September 13, Ramos went to see her son once more, however police accused her of smuggling objects in her vagina. I informed them to look me then because I was not about to lose the potential for seeing my son,” she informed Human Rights Watch. The mom of one other detainee advised her that Zeledón had had seizures repeatedly in previous days. Prison authorities had not allowed Zeledón to meet along with his lawyer in detention when we spoke to his mom in November 2018.
The solely time Zeledón and his lawyer had been able to prepare his protection was within the minutes prior to the beginning of the trial hearings, his mother informed Human Rights Watch. The judge solely allowed his relations into the courtroom after the hearings had ended. 12 months accounting student at the public National Autonomous University of Nicaragua within the metropolis of Matagalpa (UNAN-FAREM).
Because he had a army background, armed pro-authorities teams that worked jointly with the police repeatedly sought his support, but he at all times refused. Instead, he prayed with the protesting youth on the Jinotepe barricades.
on August 2, uniformed law enforcement officials and armed pro-government teams collectively stormed into Maldonando’s daughter’s house, and pointed their guns at everyone current, ordering them to be quiet and sit down. One of the raiders grabbed Maldonado by the neck, dragged him out, and threw him behind a pick-up truck without license plates, according to a sworn statement made by his daughter in a habeas corpus petition. Shortly after armed pro-government teams and police dismantled the barricades in Jinotepe and Diriamba, Maldonado left Jinotepe to reside with his daughter in Managua.