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Can some1 tell me what part numbers i need to match on my old new ecu . Originally Posted by chelmer1979 WHAT PART NUMBERS DO I NEED TO MATCH REPLACING fiat stilo ecu I need to replace my old ecu as advised by the garage. FIAT STILO Stilo 1.6 ECU problems. The number of my ecu are as stated below. Quote Would a regular OBD-II reader work Yes at least you will know which component(s) are showing a fault. What I really want to know is whether or not this is common in the euro 5 1.2s with their high compression ratio and drive by wire throttle. If you are keeping the car seriously consider MES even the 50 euro version with 327 and adapters. As you can prob tell Im quite big on maintenance. I cant get it sorted very soon its away to the scrapper which would be a shame coz in between cutting out it drives very well & is in very good condition.can anybody give me a definite answer as to how to fix this I dont mind spending a few quid on the car if it fixes the problem but nobody can give me natomiast proper diagnosis.

You need to plug in i code reader to the diagnostic port to find out if its a glitch or not..if you havnt got one you can get it done either by your dealer or friendly garage.. LHS. Might be worth checking that out too. Ive attached the section from the eLearn Workshop Manual relating to the ECU and the sensors it uses - might be worth just going through those to make sure all connections are good and replacing some of them as theyre pretty cheap. Originally Posted by supercub As some of you know Im having some climate control problems. Ive been having a read seems some manufacturers use the same sensor for the gauge and others dont I guess if I pull the connector from the sensor and the gauge doesnt read then I know it is connected if it does effect the gauge then the gauge is picking up its reading from elsewhere. If I ever find where tempz has tidyed up ( hidden ) mine ill take it apart and post some pictures. 6.c0.m14.l1308 is very similar to mine gives real time data like road speed rpm ignition advance etc. zobacz tried most things ive read as to fixing it on here from earthing the ecu replacing the brake switchreplacing the batterycleaning the corrosion from inside the fuse board etc.

Just an update I found while looking at the ecu Pinouts & descriptions - Fuel temperature sensor Fuel temperature sensor (1) incorporated in the fuel filter detects fuel temperature and sends it to the electronic control unit. Hello Pete I am looking for i code reader for my Multijet panda (57 plate). The generic reader should be fine for reading and maybe resetting the warning light - but if the fault is still there the light will probably come back on. Originally Posted by doctorchris Maybe a few of us should get to together and buy one of these then send it around the country as its needed. O so would my old panda have OBD1 as it does similar when a computer is plugged in (man I need to get one ) Jon. Have a plug & play obd2can reader too should be OK for the panda. Does the panda have a fuel filter If so where I will buy a repair manual or disc soon.

Gav Will change the fluid. Originally Posted by Boroboy Gav Will change the fluid. In reply to the above posts sorry i havent posted back earlier. Originally Posted by rodduz Failed the MOT because the light was on. Nothings being bridged with my method as the DPDT switch either connects to 1 and 9 or 6 and 14. Im not sure the same is true with the various adapter cables though. Even though its definatly electrical. The Ukrainian amber (succinct) mined in Klesiv stretches even to the area of Belarus, near the Gatcza - Osowa town. I even presented the punkt to i friend who is a very experienced mechanical electrician. The set was completed with illuminated, leather shift knob with the threads in the only legitimate colours with gaiter also made from Alcantara. Nevertheless, waiting lists rapidly developed for the few that would be produced. For that you need to consume sozo formula manggata senior online dating services in the united states 1 soman which is packed practically, is easy to serve, odorless and without preservatives. I havent any diagnostics that read live data just a cut down code reader.

As A said it never seems to make the car feel any different probably just a lose connection on or faulty sensor. The one you refer to is ocen on ebay any more. Spoke to the technician at the fiat delaership lunchtime - suggested disconeecting the battery for 5 minutes as a starter at least this might reset the fault long enough to be able to drive the car 25 miles to them for further diagnostics. The control unit determines fuel density and volume on the basis of input values and corrects output to limit engine performance. So they ordered one and replaced it today. Dacia Spring jako prototyp to nadwozie w delikatnym kolorze biały Souris z miękkimi, fluorescencyjnymi pomarańczowymi akcentami, elementy wykończeniowe karoserii (nakładki na nadkola, relingi dachowe, listwy na drzwiach) z prążkowanego materiału, podwyższony prześwit oraz osłony podwozia wbudowane w fajny i tylny zderzak. Jakość montażu pozostawia nieco do oczekiwania - daje się, że odpadają elementy. Żniwa, gaszenie pożaru czy ściganie przestępców, wtedy właśnie początek wycieczki z spółka Bruder!