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As we discussed in the previous lessons, communication with the client is very important, even before you decide to take the job. It is much better to make sure that everything is clear before you begin, than to move forward and find out that the job isn’t a good fit for either of you.

While it’s important to do a good job and keep your clients happy it’s also important to set boundaries and time limits. To help avoid confusion and misunderstandings, you must make sure that the tasks involved in the job are clearly defined before you begin. This includes clear directions, deadlines and the number of revisions that you will provide for any given task.

If you don’t set clear boundaries and let clients know that you’ll only provide a limited amount of revisions they will keep coming back to you every time they need a small change and this can end up costing you both time and money.

Never be afraid to ask for more information. Especially if you’re writing anything in-depth or highly personal. It’s much better to ask questions than it is to redo the entire project because you weren’t well informed enough to complete the job to the clients specifications.

Treat all the information you receive from clients as confidential. Even if you’re not asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement or a non-compete clause, it’s important to treat everything you are told or given with discretion. If you’re not sure something should go in the work, ask, and abide by their answer.

Create a schedule. Even though you’re working for yourself a schedule can mean the difference between success and failure. This should include time for completing client work, applying for new jobs and administrative tasks such as invoicing, email and marketing. It’s important to continue looking for work even when you’re booked, so you don’t have peaks and valleys in your income.

Lastly, remember that you’re running a business. Ghostwriting is a real career, a real service business that’s in high demand. There is a never ending supply of potential clients out there looking for people like you to create content for them, you just have to find them.
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