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Commitment: I guarantee in your journey to learning how to play the guitar that you will at some point either loose interest, or get frustrated and not know how to move on. This is where guitar players give up and go back to playing guitar hero, or, stand by there commitment to practice and press into learning their instrument until they are able to move onto another level of playing skill.

Books are a good way to learn, especially the theory side as you can study your book anywhere, but they are not so good at demonstrating playing techniques as they have to rely on photographs or diagrams. To overcome this many book based courses include a CD-ROM, or DVD. This adds a visual element that makes the learning method more complete.

Online you can learn at entirely your own pace, repeat the video lessons as often as you like and choose your own daily time to make contact with the instrument. In all it represents a lot of opportunities to learn with minimum interference into your lifestyle.

The classic way to Learn guitar is by going to a local tutor for private lessons. This time honoured practice is still probably the best assuming you can actually find a good local tutor, there may not be one present. My first word of advice is this - just because someone is advertising a guitar lesson does not automatically mean they are a good tutor.

On the acoustic guitar (and also the electric), notes are played by positioning your finger on a string and holding it down next to one of the fret bars as you pluck as well as strum the string. While it sounds straightforward in theory, it can be complicated in practice. For novices, it's really a challenge to learn how to apply sufficient pressure to the guitar's fret.

5) Increase conversions with a bonus - Everyone responds to "Free." Adding a bonus to sweeten the deal will increase conversions. Information products work great and they don't cost you anything.

Many online guitar courses cost as little as $20.00 to as much as $100.00. With private lessons, you will pay that in as little as 1 or 2 hours, which is hardly enough time to get you started, plus you will need to make a commitment and keep going every week to continue your training. With online courses, you pay only one time and can access the lessons at your leisure. With the courses that include video, you can download your video lesson and play whenever you want. This is a lot more convenient that packing up the guitar and making the trek to your lesson, or cleaning your place and making an appointment for you instructor to come over for your lesson. becomes even more difficult if you're trying to teach yourself how to play guitar rather then taking lessons from someone else. I know this first hand because I've done things both ways, private lessons and books.