How Companies Can Take Advantage Of Employee Self Service

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Many of the Personnel Information System (HRIS) products on the marketplace today supply Internet-based employee self-service alternatives. However do you need one, as well as just how can they be practical?

Common HRIS Employee Self-Service Characteristic

Employee Self-Service (ESS) products have acquired in popularity over the last numerous years. In short, these applications are Internet-based items that allow employees to check out and/or modify details associated to their HRIS employee documents. Employees may be able to upgrade their emergency situation contact details and also individual contact info, or also change their address when required. A variety of the self-service applications also include Advantages Open Enrollment. Employees typically similar to this arrangement since they supervise of their own data, and also Human being Resources (Human Resources) experts like it since it reduces down on their input work.

An additional, typically unmentioned, advantage of ESS is manager self-service. In a number of these systems, supervisors as well as supervisors have the ability to check out information on both direct as well as indirect reports. So rather of having to contact Human Resources they can just look up the information they require about an employee online. The benefits of an ESS program can be significant - but not to every kind of company.


It stands to reason that white-collar organizations are mosting likely to have a higher percent of workers with Net accessibility in their houses than blue-collar organizations do (though this is certainly not constantly the situation). Before buying an on-line HRIS staff member self-service product it's an excellent concept to discover what portion of your workers will certainly have the ability to access the item from their houses. Even if the percent is small that does not necessarily suggest you need to not purchase an ESS product; I have seen and helped a variety of business setup booths in break spaces or snack bars where the staff members can access the firm ESS product. However the total effectiveness of such a system to your workers is absolutely a crucial factor to consider.

Exactly how Technical Are Your Staff members?

Once more, this is a phone call you require to make prior to investing in an ESS product. If the majority of your workers are not very technological they may hesitate to make use of the item, or your HR staff might have to address so numerous inquiries that the system does not finish up in fact saving time as well as effort.

Manager Self Solution

Several of the HRIS firms we list on rate the self-service items per user. So, no matter the technical abilities of the staff members, it might be a good idea to place an item in position for managers, supervisors, as well as executive personnel.


The most typical issue I see from Human Resources specialists concerning ESS systems is a hesitation to have employees making adjustments to their information. There are system features that can aid remove this worry. For instance, you are normally able to select which fields they can view as well as which they can not, and which areas they can edit as well as which they can not. Undoubtedly you would not Jane Doe changing her pay rate, however you might be fine with her altering her telephone number. Some systems also include work flow features in which employee-made adjustments do not work in the Human Resources product up until a supervisor approves them. Another usual concern is that a deceitful worker might make unneeded modifications to various other worker's details. This is constantly a risk, so such problems have to be weighted against the other benefits that an ESS item supplies.