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Searching for a security cameras or a security system professional to install and service locally? We understand there are many options out there such as DIY (do it yourself) security cameras and alarm systems. With the current market flooded with providers, it is difficult to decide on one company to choose. We install in both residential homes and businesses and will exceed your expectations from initial contact to post-installation service. We offer alert protective services to protect small business, large enterprise commercial customers, as well as homeowners. From a basic alarm system like an ademco alarm, to wireless security cameras, smoke detection, even electronic door locks, we can handle it all!

COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS We specialize in professional installation of electronic protection systems from 1 standalone camera all the way up to hundreds of cameras integrated with door access control, HVAC, lighting control, video analytics, and many other automated systems you find in commercial buildings.
If you're looking for wireless & wifi cameras, wired CCTV cameras, residential/home or a business/commercial system we can help you out where you need it!
CYBER Security cameras and security system installers serving the Chicagoland area is a hot button these days and we understand that your data should be held to the utmost highest standards. All our systems run on the network and will never interfere with your day-to-day operations of the business. Its not just a surveillance or alarm system, its having the ability to increase the efficiency of various business processes such as:

Thermal heat reading to determine popular areas in a retail setting
People counting to determine busy times and when you should staff more people
Wait time monitoring to alert you when a customer is waiting in line too long
Automatic system machine learning allows alerts for out of the ordinary activity​