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Realized in 1993, "The Fugitive" was one of the most successful hits of that period. He told the story wrongly accused of the murder of Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) is wanted by the sheriff Federal Samuel Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) and his team.
Although the central figure of that image was the hero played by Ford, it was the character created by Jones won the greatest recognition of the audience and critics.
Just to mention that Tommy Lee Jones got an Oscar for his role.
His return in the role of sheriff was pretty sure the federal and eventually became a reality.
"U.S. Marshals", that is, in free translation "US Marshals" was filmed in 1998 by renowned Hollywood film editor Stuart Baird, who had previously directed only pretty good "critical decision" (the notorious film that killed Steven Seagal). The director decided to tell a story quite similar to the one in "The Fugitive," but from a slightly different perspective. Its primary objective was to show the work of the team led by Gerard of federal sheriff as the central figure and the biggest star. Certainly appreciate the fact that with the exception of Cooper, played by now LaTanya Richardson returns to the screen all sheriffs known from the first part, the Cosmo (Joe Pantoliano), Biggs (Daniel Roebuck) and Newman (Tom Wood), as fierce and unyielding as so far. This time they have to capture the man who murdered two people in the United Nations building in New York and escaped police after the plane crash, which was escorted from Chicago to NYC. Unfortunately, it turns out that Mark Roberts aka. Warren aka. Sheridan is an extremely clever and cunning man, having behind him a rich and dark past, which will be extremely hard to catch and which by the way will try to prove his innocence. An extremely difficult task to capture Mark can only take someone like Sam Gerard and his "Deputies". The plot of this film is perhaps not too surprising, but we must admit that the film, as befits a decent sensational cinema, keeps a very good level. Although at some point know who plays what role in the whole story, the viewer follows closely Threads further developing investigation and in suspense waiting for the final decision. Also, from the acting to the film can not be criticized too much, but too hastily votes delight is not at issue. Tommy Lee Jones is probably designed for the role he continues to play it very well.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Other sheriffs play at a decent level, but among them stands out Cosmo played by Joe Pantoliano.

The actor is in a nice way confused professionalism and fierceness of the federal sheriff with a slight Italian accent, and even a hint of irony or sarcasm, which makes it probably the most colorful character in the entire film.
Pseudo-action and erotic 109 minutes boredom
Wesley Snipes did not even try to compare to Harrison Ford, because a little bit of acting in his Ford, however, missing, but by no means played the hero he is not discouraged me. He was a little crisp, so I was a little more indifferent to his fate. It should also be mentioned Agent Royce, played by Robert Downey Jr.
Honestly I admit that I know this actor from better roles (his "Chaplin" not even mention), but its role played decently enough, at least in the scenes with his participation voltage "do not sit there." As an "ornament" starred Irene Jacob, the actress wsze chmiar talented, who are here with a fairly obvious reasons could not present his workshop, but still, I think, even to their decorative role could put a bit more.
Visually, the film is not the worst and despite minor shortcomings watch him quite nicely.
Maybe a plane crash can show in a more effective way (especially land). In any case, as the operator of Andrzej Bartkowiak bravely he wrote. I am also obliged to mention two words about music for the film, written by the late Jerry Goldsmith.
In many reviews I read that the music is too fierce and aggressive, and sometimes even that is not music. I think someone listened to the soundtrack, but the film did not look. Goldsmith music fully captures the atmosphere and mood ", U.S. Marshals", where is a lot of tension, tempo changes and unexpected twists and turns. If anyone expected a beautiful ballads spiced choruses that I am not surprised jękom profession. Music in a great way underlines the persistence, determination and tenacity title sheriffs. There is no room for sentiment, a moment of relaxation or a moment of hesitation, and it just reflects the music to "U.S. Marshals". "US Marshals" is a typical sensational cinema, but in its genre film is really very good. It has an original script, a great cast and, importantly, keeps the viewer in suspense. Despite some niedoróbek, which, moreover, in every film can happen, the film can be considered very successful continuation of "The Fugitive." Is better than the original? Probably not, but certainly