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Most of eastern Puerto Rico is underneath average drought situations with abnormally dry circumstances stretching westward. The citrus growing region in Florida experienced warm and dry circumstances, however regular grove activities continued with additional irrigation. Recent rains within the northern a part of the Florida Peninsula put illness pressures, army worms, and white mould on the peanut crop. At the tip of the month, some corn was nonetheless beneath water, as corn growers feared the potential growth of corn rust. Cattle and pastures remained in good situation throughout the state.

What do you wear in New York in May?

Clothing: May is all about layering because during the day you likely can wear a t-shirt but at night it can get chilly. It is good to bring a light jacket with you. I prefer a jean jacket. Shoes: By far the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn are Rothy's.

Warm and dry situations continued within the drought-stricken central and southern tiers of the West. By the top of June, all snow-observing stations had melted out. This early melt-out will contribute to earlier peak flows and to decrease late season flows in mountain rivers and streams. For extra information, please visit the Southern Regional Climate Center Home Page.
For more info, please visit the High Plains Regional Climate Center Home Page. Rocky Mountain snowpack continued to soften all through the month of June, and had nearly melted off within the Upper Missouri Basin by the tip of the month.

Usa: Climate & Weather

Where is the best holiday destination in May?

Where is hot in May?MOROCCO. If you fancy getting out of Europe, try Morocco.

LANZAROTE. The Canary Islands have been basking in the sun all winter long, so Lanzarote's a sure bet for some spring sunshine.

FLORIDA. May is Florida's so-called shoulder season, when the weather's warm and queues are shorter.



    The rain was welcomed in Georgia, as intermittent showers stored row crops and pastures hydrated. Although air quality was impacted by the Saharan mud, there was no noticeable influence on crops. Plant bugs have been noticed in some cotton fields in Alabama, as a result of rainfall; nonetheless, most crops benefitted from the rain and have been looking good.
    Soils have begun to dry out in Virginia because of the hot and dry conditions. Although the lack of rainfall allowed for subject work, some crops had been behind normal progress levels through the second half of the month.
    Streamflows were under normal across western Colorado, portions of Wyoming, western North Dakota, and southwestern Nebraska. Some of the bottom streamflows were situated along the Republican River in southwestern Nebraska.

    Army Corps of Engineers, the June 1st runoff forecast for the Upper Missouri Basin was 32.three MAF, which is above regular. For more info, please visit the Southeast Regional Climate Center Home Page. Drought conditions have been eradicated across the Southeast for June however have expanded in Puerto Rico. Only a couple of small pockets of abnormally dry conditions remain in Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle. By the tip of June, extreme drought expanded via southern Puerto Rico and the jap part of the USVI.